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Financial Policies


School fees are due and payable by the Friday before the new term begins. Students will not be allowed to begin the term unless the previous term’s fees haven’t been cleared. Only Banker’s Cheques or Company-drawn Cheques in the name of the school will be accepted.

Late payments are a hardship on the school as we are not a profit-making Organization and our Budget is very tight.

If the account is not settled and no communication is made to the Office, the student will not be permitted to attend class until payment is made.

Reports will not be released if accounts are not paid in full.

Cheques that are returned will be assessed at Ksh 2,500/= charge. An admission fee of ksh 1,000/= must be paid before a new student attends class.

All Financial payments will be made to the school office between 8 AM and 4:30 PM. Payments may be made in person, sent to the office with a banker’s cheque or paid by Mpesa.

Transportation is available from Kenyatta University, Kahawa West, Kamiti Prison, Githurai, Thome, Zimmerman Estate, Ngumba Estate, Breweries, Utalii Hotel, Kasarani, Kahawa Sukari, Membley and Santon. The charge is 12,000/= per term.

Policies Concerning Criticism

Since 1991 the school has organized a camp for students in Standards 4 through 8 during the first week following the end of the school year. It is a time for fun, games, and spiritual challenge. More details are given out as the time approaches. The administration and the School Board of Thika Road Christian School are always happy to receive constructive suggestions or criticisms concerning ways in which the school might improve or problems may be solved.

It is the policy of the School Board that problems, grievances, criticisms, or suggestions be first taken up with the administration. If satisfaction is not achieved, then the problem should be presented in writing and sent to the School Board through the school office.