Thika Road Christian School follows the 8-4-4 curriculum outlined by the Ministry of Education. Textbooks have been carefully selected to provide comprehensive treatment in each area of learning in proper sequence. English, Reading, and Science are supplemented by textbooks from a Christian publisher.

Since we believe that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,” Bible is taught each day. In addition, Bible truths are integrated with all learning objectives. Our goal is to meet the spiritual and moral needs of our students as well as preparing them academically. All of the non-examinable subjects are included in the weekly timetable, namely:

  1. Creative Arts (Art and Music)
  2. Physical Education
  3. Computer
  4. French
  5. Swimming

Students sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams at the end of Standard 8. Our primary goal in Christian education is spirituality or Christ-likeness. However, to be Christ-like, a student must “increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” Luke 2:52. The student is not progressing properly unless he is developing academically, physically, spiritually, and socially. Although the Christian school is best equipped to teach every academic subject, no student should be required to receive a second-rate academic education in order to have a Christian education.

Bible (or Christian Religious Education) is taught as a separate subject with the same commitment as any other subject. Every class teacher begins the day with a Bible lesson. Our teachers are born-again believers who instruct and counsel by their words as well as their example. On Fridays, Chapel (otherwise known as assembly or Pastoral Programme Instruction) has a prominent place and a challenge from the Bible is the dominant activity. Memorizing Bible verses, singing songs of praise, and developing poise by public presentation help to mould our students.

To supplement classroom teaching, our school provides a course textbook for every subject and supplementary textbooks as needed. Since 1985, Christian textbooks published by A Beka Books (U.S.A.) have been used for teaching Bible, English Language (including phonics, spelling, reading, and handwriting), Maths, and Science. These are integrated with the material in the local textbooks. There are individual classroom libraries in addition to the school library with encyclopedias and over 4000 books and magazines. Our students also participate in inter-school quizzes, namely Standard 3 spelling, Standard 4 Maths, Standard 5 Science, Standard 6 Social Studies, and Standard 7 Kiswahili. The entire class benefits from the preparation and practice. Teachers pray for their students that God will open up their minds to understand the wonders of God’s creation. Instruction of high academic quality along with training in Christian character prepares our pupils to take their place in the home, the Church, the nation, and their vocations or professions.


Our school is blessed to share a 15-acre compound with the church. There are separate playgrounds for the nursery and lower primary children, football and netball pitches surrounded by a 400-meter athletics track, regulation basketball and volleyball courts plus landscaped areas for the students to interact. Swimming lessons are provided for all primary pupils at the Moi International Sports Centre across the road. Students have physical education lessons as part of their weekly timetable as well as optional clubs every Wednesday.

Our school is part of a larger community. As students learn to interact with their teachers and with other students inside and outside of the classroom, activities are also planned beyond the school compound. Many excellent opportunities for first-hand learning exist in the Nairobi area. Every term each class is taken for an educational trip, often to places not visited by families. Students will visit 24 different places while in primary school exposing them to the beauty and heritage of Kenya. In addition to activities with other schools during quizzes and sports competitions, outreach visits are also planned, for example Help Age Home for Wazee, Joytown School for the Disabled and various homes for orphans. Children become aware of the needs of others and give assistance through donations. This encourages respect for others and prepares students for responsibility as Christian citizens of our nation