Admission Fee

Ksh. 1000/= paid on admission

Development Fund

Ksh. 10,000/= once per family

Bus Fund

Ksh. 10,000/= once per family

Tutiton Fees (Per Term)

Nursery, 3-years Ksh. 12,000 (includes snacks)

Nursery, 4-years Ksh. 14,000 (includes snacks)

Pre-Unit Ksh. 14,000 (includes snacks)

Stds. 1 – 4 Ksh. 26,000*

Stds. 5 - 8 Ksh. 28,000*

*includes textbooks, Exercise Books, A Beka books, Swimming, Computer Lessons, Lunch and French (Stds. 5 - 8 only).

*Uniforms to be bought by parents. School Uniforms are sold in the office.


Round Trip Ksh. 9,000 Return Only Ksh. 5,000 The above may be revised!