Health Services

  • A full-time, trained Nurse is on duty Monday through Friday.
  • Minor first aid care will be administered in case of student injuries.
  • The school will try to contact parents if emergency treatment is necessary.
  • Medications may be brought to school only if the student gives them to the teacher as soon as he arrives.
  • They will be given to students only if a note accompanies the medication indicating who it is for, what it is, when it should be taken and the dosage.
  • Students are not to have medication in their possession at any time. In case of a serious accident, students will be taken to RUARAKA NEEMA HOSPITAL as soon as possible.
  • Every student is protected by Alico’s Student Guard Insurance cover. It is a year-round, 24-hour-a- day accident policy.
  • A written note should be sent immediately if you intend to make a claim. Claim forms are available through the office.